Bucks Strategic Partnership is still here…

I was at a meeting this morning of what has been referred to for several years as BSPIG – ie the Implementation Group of the Bucks Strategic Partnership. You are probably aware that there have been many changes (and cuts) for public sector bodies in Bucks and this led to a rethink of the plethora of partnerships over the last 2 years.

So to update you…

The BSP board no longer exists

The BSPIG will go forward. It will undertake work across agencies in Bucks, including voluntary groups, with the aim of helping troubled families and communities in Bucks and trying to stop the escalating costs of interventions. In future BSPIG will be known simply as Bucks Strategic Partnership.  

A Bucks Forum ie some kind of conference for wider stakeholders will be held once or twice a year.

Other partnerships will report into the Bucks Strategic Partnership – click here for a draft diagram of how it is thought that this will work.

If you want help to think through where your group fits into all this then please contact one of the VCS reps on the BSP.

Posted by diane@communityimpactbucks.org.uk


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